Do you have any sparkly yarn?

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If you ever want to feel what it’s like to walk into a yarn shop and have every person inside stop their knitting and chatting to stare at you intensely, just ask, “Do you have any sparkly yarn?”

I don’t normally shop at yarn shops because Michael’s can meet my needs way cheaper, and I prefer the anonymity. At Michael’s I don’t have to tell anyone that I am making minion goggles while they are sitting there working on a multi-colored piece of intricate lace. I don’t have to try to justify that crochet is indeed an acceptable way to use yarn. I can walk around and look for what I need without having to remember the difference between worsted weight and sport weight and lace weight and heavy weight champion of the world. And I can use a coupon.

But I was having lunch right next door to the yarn store, and I had a need for some sparkly yarn, and I thought surely a Yarn Store would have more variety than Michael’s. So, leading up to my entrance, it made perfect sense to ask this question.

And then I asked my question.

And then the staring and the silence.

And then I realized sparkly yarn is more minion goggles and crochet and coupons than it is multi-colored intricate lace.

“Ha ha!” I chortled. “I mean, something with a little shimmer or shine, you know!”

“What are you making?” the helper asked.

“Um, an aviator hat? It’s crocheted. I like coupons.”

“Hmm…perhaps I have something in the clearance section.”

In the end, I did walk away with some shimmery (NOT sparkly) yarn for my project, but I remembered pretty vividly why I don’t usually go to yarn shops. Everyone really was nice and polite and helpful, but I just don’t think I am a yarn shop sort of gal.

Here are a few things I’ve been working on lately. As much as I love to squoosh the nice, pricey yarn, it’s really overkill for Hello Kitty hats and diaper covers.



2 thoughts on “Do you have any sparkly yarn?

  1. I love the results of your projects. And I get the difference between craft stores and yuppie knitting stores. But there’s also a guy who sells great quality yarns leftover from factories in England that high class manufacturers like Burberry buy from. I will find you the website and email it to you. Too bad we are not geographically closer because I have a LOT of yarn too good to pass up taking up a LOT of attic space and we could go through it together sometime. And I am unbiased regarding crocheters versus knitters.
    Thank you for your thank you note, I treasure all your special cards

  2. An attic full of yarn is almost enough in itself to make a road trip! :) I’m not sure Andy would like it, though, if you sent me the website for the nice yarn leftovers….. But hey, we don’t need to ask him!

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