My kingdom for a “before” picture

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I hope I didn’t build up the anticipation too much with my last post. We didn’t actually do a huge redesign of Anya’s room in an HGTV sort of way. We didn’t repaint, we didn’t add accessories, we didn’t build a bookcase out of recycled soda bottles. Mostly? We moved stuff around.

Since I forgot to take a before picture of the room, those of you who haven’t seen her room will probably just say, “Ah. Okay.” There are probably only a very select few of you out there who have seen her room in all it’s “how do you get from the door to the bed” glory. For those of you who haven’t, I’ll lead you through a little visualization activity. Ready?

Close your eyes. Imagine a really messy kid room with all that junk from the previous photo (where it’s on the floor) on the floor of that kid’s room. [Hey, how are you reading this if your eyes are closed?] Add in a laundry basket of dress-up clothes, three armfuls of regular clothes (dirty, clean, who knows?),and a wheel barrow of stuffed animals. Got it? Good. You can open your eyes now.

So, without further ado, here is the Cleanly Swept (yes, we did actually sweep it) room of Anya:



Look! Floor! In fact, there is so much floor now, we really ought to get a rug. The truly magical part is that her room still looks like this.

2 thoughts on “My kingdom for a “before” picture

  1. It looks absolutely gorgeous. And is that a hardwood floor I see? I would show it off , it looks so pretty.
    Love to all, Aunt Linda

  2. Thanks, and yes we have hardwood floors across the main floor. They are nice, but rugs here and there help make it a bit more cozy. Though…then there is the vacuuming thing.

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