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Back in the day (I’m not sure which day it was), I loved watching a show called “Clean Sweep.” It was the perfect mix of “Hoarders” and a room re-design show. The cameras peeked into the chaos of the house of a “normal” family, and after those of us watching on tv had a chance to remark about how cluttered the place was, the host ordered his peons to take everything in the rooms (they did two rooms per show) outside. The homeowners would walk outside and see the mess of their rooms spread out in the front yard for all the neighbors and all the world to see. It looked something like this (but outside):


The host had four piles staked out in the yard: keep, sell, donate, trash. The homeowners didn’t get to make their own signs, but if they did, it might have looked like this:


In about 12 tv minutes, the host and the homeowners went through ALL the stuff and whittled down the pile to a fraction of the original heap. To get from Point A to Point B, though, things could get really messy and crazy and wild and look something like this:


Finally, the peons loaded the “keep” stuff back into freshly redesigned rooms while the homeowners had a garage sale and made tons of money because everyone wants to be on tv even if it is just buying someone’s junk at a yard sale.

I’m realizing now a flaw in this post…the kid is asleep and I didn’t take a picture of her freshly redesigned room. I guess I’ll leave you hanging!

5 thoughts on “Operation Clean Sweep

  1. Alas, I missed the golden moment, and her room hasn’t been clean since. It’s not really redesigned so much as rearranged and momentarily organized. If I can get her to put away the heap of clothes on her bed, I’ll get a picture tomorrow. Or perhaps I’ll just throw a blanket over them.

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