Sewing Boot Camp is Almost Over

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I’ve sewed everyday for the last two weeks…or pretty close to that. I’m definitely still no expert, but I think I’ve at least progressed from newbie to intro intermediate. I’ve double stitched and edge stitched and gathered and pleated and elastic-ed and hemmed and eased and ripped and ripped and ripped and then done it all over again. I am very thankful for all the instruction and advice my mom has given me and for the ripping out she helped with when my eyes started to cross.

Needlework | Clothing | Shirt: Completed

This blouse (I don’t really like the word “blouse,” but this seems to be more of one than a shirt) is from another pattern Anya picked out last fall. I liked how the pattern says “EASY” on the front in big letters. I’d like to say, though, that the shirt was not EASY. I said this to my mom who replied, “Well, it is easy. It doesn’t have any buttons or zippers, so it is kind of easy.” I feel more accurate advertising would call this pattern EASIER.

Needlework | Clothing | Dress: Almost Completed – Needs Buttons

We went to the fabric store. A few times. One time, we were supposed to just be going to get something specific like a half yard of fabric to finish the back of a quilt or a spool of thread or a button. Then we remembered the sale bin. And saw the patterns on sale. And Ooo! Look! Pretty! This one time, we found fish bowl fabric, and it was on clearance and how can you resist fabric with fish IN BOWLS? You can’t. Did I mention patterns were on sale? Had to find a pattern for the fish bowl fabric. The pattern I found happened to be one already in my mom’s stash. (Don’t worry; I found a few more to get for other projects.) This dress was nice and moved pretty quickly until I got to the buttons on top. My mom recommended I use my machine at home that does buttons automatically, unlike her machine. And then I couldn’t find the right sized buttons, too. So, it’s not quite done. While I was admiring it, those darn fish started to misbehave. On the skirt, the fish are upside down. Oops.

Needlework | Clothing | Misc: Completed

When Sewing Boot Camp started, I hadn’t planned on doing the Misc, but when I saw this pattern (ON SALE!), I was inspired. I found some nifty clearance fabric and whipped out this baby in a few hours. When the kid went to bed this evening, this leotard was in pieces, and now it’s all ready for her. It’s probably big, but I still think she’ll enjoy it. With the bow it will be really nifty with her hot pink Tooth Fairy twirly skirt.

Needlework | Quilting | Pieced Quilt: In Progress

All that’s left is the binding. Will I finish it tomorrow, the last day of my trip? Unsure. Unlikely.

One thought on “Sewing Boot Camp is Almost Over

  1. Okay I cannot tolerate the suspense anymore…………HOW DID YOU DO AT THE FAIR????????????????
    Love, Aunt Linda

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