Quick, she’s asleep!

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When Anya hits the hay for her weekend naps, Andy and I trip over each other running out of the house to get projects done.

The weather has been nice lately, and I find myself a bit inspired from our one day of yard work at the inlaw’s. It was so easy there to see what needed to / could be done. When we got back here, I decided to try and focus even closer to the house than the “yard” area I mapped out this spring. There really is just way too much “yard” to try and work on it anywhere near at once. Or to even think about it at once.

With my new plan of attack, I went after the weeds that had sprouted in front of the porch and spread some rocks out so that one little spot looks nice. Just don’t look to the left or right or front or back, okay? Then I went and bought a few bags of mulch and sorta weeded and then mulched the wee tiny flower bed by the front door. Not only does the bed look better now, but it’s easier for me to see the structure of it and to get ideas. Today I moved a plant I just now cannot remember the name of….hardy primrose! Yah, that’s it. So, I moved it and cut it in half and hope it is dormant enough (flowers early spring) to not die. I also planted a sedum I rooted from a bit I pinched off of a plant outside the dentist. It should get big and flowery-bee-y next year! Finally, I planted too ittybitty mums I bought today. I doubt they will come back next year, but they were cheap, and I hope to get a bit of color by the door from them.

While I was working on these sorts of things, Andy hung a porch swing. Yay! I’ve been wanting a porch swing, and he found this one on uberclearance while getting supplies for the inlaw’s rock patch.

We’ve also both continued to work on the kitty room. Andy more than me, but I did some painting today! It needs one more coat of paint tomorrow morning, and then we will start to tile. After that, the room needs two more screens put in and two doors. We should be done by winter! This picture is before painting.

I’ve been working on fixing up an old door Andy got for free when he picked up some wood flooring a while ago. The door will go between the kitty room and the plant room. I was originally planning to wash the door and prep it for painting, but when I realized much of the trim around the windows was rotten, I decided to take it all out. Andy will put a screen in the space instead.

I have to wait for Andy to sand the nooks and crannies. I used the palm sander for the flat spots, but sanding by hand gives me extreme goosebumps and the willies.

3 thoughts on “Quick, she’s asleep!

  1. Hey! Good to hear from you! The swing is great. Anya makes us sit in it, and then she goes behind it and says, “Ready! GO!” and pushes us. Whee!

  2. Hey, that swing really looks great!!! Great work! Looks like a great place to sit and enjoy the cool breeze. Have you given any tought to instaling a snelf to either side so that you have a place to set your Mint Julip?

    The Cat room is looking great too. I love the color. I can’t waite to see the tile down and the door too. The plan for screen instead of glass is super; it will allow for more air flow. You guys are doing some super improvements.

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