Two Months with Two Kids

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Kostya’s birthday present to me: Daddy is at work, Sister is at school, Baby is asleep, and Mommy has an hour or so of stillness. After over three weeks of us all being squished together, this is probably the best present I’ve had in a long time. (At least since Saturday, when I got to sleep for three hours in my own bed. Alone. All. By. My. Self.)


Here’s the report on Kostya’s new tricks. At two months he…

– imitates horses in addition to turtles and pterydactls
– out wetted his tiniest diapers
– slept for three hours in his own bed
– had his first Christmas
– outgrew several of his 0-3 month footed jammies
– got a new sling for his mom
– was stepped on by a dog (Don’t ask; he’s fine.)
– tasted a french fry (I need to wear a bib.)
– smiled and giggled and chortled
– almost has a buff enough neck to sit in his bumbo chair
– likes to practice grabbing stuff stuck into his hands
– received his first immunization

I think it’s a bit sad to only write about what Kostya has done in this last month. What about the rest of us? Are we not cute and snuggly, too?

Anya has been: writing and reading, creating “tickets” and making notes, cutting up paper into tiny bits to spread about the house, using sidewalk chalk as make up, going to gymnastics class, doing origami, playing the harmonica, and providing enthusiastic commentary during diaper changes.


Carol has been sleeping/not sleeping, watching, pondering, doing a wee bit of crocheting, dreaming about using her new quilling tools, taking care of Kostya, and getting ready to go back to work.

Andy has been cooking, fetching, playing with Anya, chauffering, organizing craft/yarn stuff, and keeping things running in general. He needs a hair cut.


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