Farewell, TreeFroggie

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TreeFrog is a weird name for a cat. Especially for a fat black/brown tortie cat. I always used to say that when we got her she was concave but she got convex pretty quickly. She ate like crazy at first, and we always figured it was because she lived on the streets for a while. We also always imagined she’d had babies ’cause she seemed so much like a mother. She loved Sana like a mama, and I often found the two curled up together in a puddle of cute.

Anyone who knew TreeFrog figured out how she got her name fairly quickly. She didn’t meow; she croaked. I think in a past life she was a chain smoker. Perhaps even a chain-smoking frog. After she ingested the Tide with Bleach (stepped in it and licked it off her paws), her voice got even cracklier. (Did you know there is a poison control hotline just for pets?)

I don’t remember why we chose to take Froggie home, but I do remember asking Andy a few times in the early days if we could take her back to the humane society. She was so darn annoying! She always wanted someone to pay attention to her, pet her, scritch her ears, tell her what a great kitty she was. If I’d wanted that sort of thing, I’d have gotten a dog. Arg! And then her other favorite hobby was peeing on the carpet. She was the reason we pulled all the carpet out of the main floor of our old house. (Though I guess I should thank her for that, ’cause the hardwoods under the carpet were way better.) But, taking her back wasn’t an option. She was part of our family the day we brought her home.

Eventually, I grew accustomed to her needy ways and am glad Andy knew I was being crazy and didn’t let us return her. She loved to crawl under the blankets at night and curl up next to my leg. She was the favorite of most every visitor what with her being so friendly and cute. Lots of folks offered to take her home with them.

A few years ago, TreeFrog started loosing her teeth until she was more like her toothless name sake. (Frogs don’t have teeth, do they??) She started getting concave again. We think she developed kidney problems. In late April, she stopped eating all together, and she began to fade away. On May 11, Andy took her to the vet, and she left us.

Goodbye, my little Froggie.

4 thoughts on “Farewell, TreeFroggie

  1. I am sorry. It’s hard to lose a friend like Tree Frog. But you gave her a good home and a happy life. Love, Aunt Linda and Uncle Chuck

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