Quick Fair Update

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1 Garden Produce Fresh Fruit Apples: Tree is blooming!
2 Garden Produce Fresh Fruit Misc. Fruit: Raspberries are looking good
6 Garden Produce Fresh Veg Beans, String: Seeds purchased
7 Garden Produce Fresh Veg Beets: Seeds purchased
8 Garden Produce Fresh Veg Broccoli: Seeds purchased
9 Garden Produce Fresh Veg Cabbage: Seeds purchased
10 Garden Produce Fresh Veg Carrots: Seeds purchased and some planted
11 Garden Produce Fresh Veg Gourds: Seeds purchased
12 Garden Produce Fresh Veg Cucumbers: Seeds purchased
14 Garden Produce Fresh Veg Onions: Planted
16 Garden Produce Fresh Veg Potatoes: Planted
17 Garden Produce Fresh Veg Squash, Yellow Summer: Seeds purchased
18 Garden Produce Fresh Veg Squash, Zucchini: Seeds purchased
20 Garden Produce Fresh Veg Misc. Veg: Garlic going strong
80 Horticulture Plants Cactus: Been poking along for a few months
81 Horticulture Plants Foliage House Plant: Spider plant at school is a-okay
82 Horticulture Plants Misc. Potted House Plant: Succulents looking good
84 Horticulture Cut Flowers Dahlia: planted
85 Horticulture Cut Flowers Gladioli: planted
87 Horticulture Cut Flowers Marigold: Seeds purchased
89 Horticulture Cut Flowers Zinnia: Seeds purchased
93 Horticulture Cut Flowers Day Lily: Tons growing outside…will any be blooming in September? I don’t know.
94 Horticulture Cut Flowers Calla Lily: Bulbs purchased
95 Horticulture Cut Flowers Misc. Lily: Tons growing outside…will any be blooming in September? I don’t know.
96 Horticulture Cut Flowers Rose: Several plants outside…will any be blooming in September? I don’t know.

104 | Needlework | Crochet | Infant’s Set: Almost done…just have to finish the hat

139 | Needlework | Quilt | Misc: Mug Rug – In progress

143 | Craft | Handicraft | Misc: Quilled Raspberries – Completed

152 | Craft | Homecraft | Decorative Painting: Completed

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