6 thoughts on “Tonight’s project

  1. Why does Carol need a LITTLE table?
    Anywho, it looks fantastic! What kind of wood……did you recycle? Very pretty.

  2. @HSM (Carol’s Mom)
    The top and legs are oak, the sides are cherry. The top and legs were part of a coffee table project I started when we were still in MI (and never finished). The cherry has been sitting around for ages – it’s from a bunch of boards from my grandfather, so unsure how long it’s been floating around.

  3. Andy, the table you built looks very professionaly done. I am sure Carol will find it extremely helpful with the many projects she has embarked upon.

    I like it! What are it’s dimensions (LxWxH)?

    Great job!


  4. You are all doing such great work, it makes me feel lazy. Kudos to you for living the country life! What an enrichment experience for Anya! Love, Aunt Linda

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