But the book can’t be wrong!

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ARG! So I picked a quilting pattern from a library book. The pattern is called “Amish Unknown.” Great name. Anyhow, it’s a quilt, but I am just gonna do one block and frame it up or whatever you call that and make it my needlework | quilted | wall hanging. So, I’m grooving right along and get all my pieces cut for the block and start sewing together stuff, and there’s these 5 checker board square piece thingies made of four smaller squares and I followed the instructions and double-triple-quadruple checked, but the last time I was in math class, if you put together four 3.5″ squares into a bigger square, the bigger square is NOT gonna be 3.5″, too. Unless there is some secret space warping quilting secret. GARG. I had Andy look at the directions, too, but it was like I was back in high school asking my Dad for math help and he had to read the WHOLE book to help me with one little question that had absolutely nothing to do with anything else in the book. Quit looking at the triangles! I am not talking about the triangles! This has nothing to do with the triangles, dammit!

So I put everything away and went to watch “Fairly Odd Parents.”

Tomorrow everything will magically make sense, or I will find a red pen and fix the bloody book.

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