It only took a year…

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Last summer, I started working on a Christmas stocking for Anya, and I finished it when I was in Georgia this July. (Okay, it still needs the lining, but I finished the knitting.) This stocking was a big first for me. I’ve never done color work before, and I’ve never done the duplicate stitch stuff (where you sorta needle point over the knitting like the green lines in the argyle part). I got down to the snowflake layer last fall, and it drove me absolutely nuts. I put the whole project away for a few months. I don’t have much knitting time these days. I used to knit on my commutes to/from work while Andy drove. It’s also hard to decide which craft I want to work on when I do have time: knitting, card making, scrapbooking, quilling, yo-ing. Anyhow, I am rambling. The point is, it took me a while, but it is done. I am very happy with it, mistakes and all.

I present, Anya’s stocking….

The pattern is from the book, “Mason Dixon Knitting: Outside the Lines.”

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